Now you can create the most special bedtime story in the world for your child. One where your child is in the story!
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All time favourites include a selection of some of the best loved Fairy Stories and Bedtime stories of all time. Specially rewritten by international award winning writer, Robert Hayes-McCoy, these stories are guaranteed to bring pleasure and smiles and many happy memories too.

One of the wonderful things about each and every one of these "All Time Favourites" is a little silver fish who pops up every now and again in the story bringing a wonderful new dimension to the traditional fairy tales that are loved by generations. You see, this little silver fish has the SAME NAME as the child who is listening to you reading this bedtime story and children all over the world absolutely love him.

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The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince


Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful princess who had a wonderful golden ball that was her very special toy. One day she went into the woods and sat down beside a cool spring of water underneath a tree. Suddenly, there was a splashing sound in the water and a little silver fish popped up and said "Hello! My name is (your child's name) would you like to play with me?" Here is the original bedtime story of the princess and the frog and the little silver fish, who has your child's name, adds an extra dimension of wonder and happiness to the tale.

Enjoy the timeless charm of an all-time favourite bedtime story with your special child (your child's name) tonight.


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