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Teddy Computer Bear, or "Teddy C", as all his friends call him, lives in Ireland. He looks exactly like a big brown cuddly Teddy Bear. But inside his tummy is an amazing little computer that was invented by absent-minded professor Seyah-Yoccm.

This incredible computer allows Teddy C to do absolutely everything. He can walk. He can talk and he's very, very clever. But sometimes the computer programmes in Teddy C's brain become badly mixed up and he ends up getting into all kinds of trouble.

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Teddy C's Birthday Present

Teddy C's Birthday Present


It's Teddy C's birthday and he's going with his best friend, (your child's name), to the zoo to see some REAL bears. Of course the real bears are all safely locked up inside the bear area and there's a complicated combination lock on the gate. But when nobody is looking Teddy C mutters to himself..."I'm the cleverest bear in the whole world, so it should not take very long for my computer brain to work out the secret combination of this lock". With that there was a loud "snap", the complicated computer-combination padlock popped open and Teddy C really does meet some REAL bears. His best friend (your child's name) has to rescue him very quickly.

When a computer-bear meets a real-bear the fun really starts to happen. Don't miss this bedtime story because your special child (your child's name) will really enjoy it.


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