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J Mouse is a friendly little mouse who lives behind the computer in your house and has all kinds of adventures. Sometimes when nobody is looking, J Mouse hops up on the computer keyboard and types little messages for you on the computer screen.

Nobody ever sees J Mouse doing this except his big enemy CAT and sometimes his very special friend, (your child's name)! Of course, mummy and daddy have no idea who writes these messages on the computer screen. CAT spends hours lying beside the computer hoping to catch J Mouse. But don't worry, clever J always escapes. This special J Mouse adventure bedtime story is for...(your child's name)! Let's see what mischief J Mouse gets up to with (your child's name) in tonight's bedtime story.

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J Mouse Orders 500 Boxes of Cheese!

J Mouse Orders 500 Boxes of Cheese!


Suddenly the telephone rang and (your child's name's) mummy picked it up and said "hello!". A very friendly man's voice at the other end of the telephone line said "Hi! I'm looking for somebody called "jm" - spelt with small letters. I want to tell him that later on this morning we'll be delivering to him his special order of five hundred boxes of our very best cheese". "Five hundred boxes of cheese!" said mummy in amazement. "There must be some mistake because there's nobody called "jm" living in this house".

Hmmmmmmm! I think I know who "jm" is, don't you? This is a fun bedtime story and some quick thinking by (your child's name) gives it a really happy ending.


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