Now you can create the most special bedtime story in the world for your child. One where your child is in the story!
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Happy is an Irish Leprechaun who lives in the left-hand pocket of your child.

And of course his real name is not 'Happy'. His real name is 'Larry'. But Larry Leprechaun is such a happy little fellow, and he gets up to so much mischief, that all of his friends and family call him 'Happy Larry'.
J Mouse is a friendly little mouse who lives behind the computer in your house and has all kinds of adventures.

Sometimes when nobody is looking, J Mouse hops up on the computer keyboard and types little messages on the computer screen. Nobody ever sees J Mouse doing this except his big enemy CAT and sometimes his very special friend, your child!
Teddy Computer Bear, or "Teddy C", as all his friends call him, lives in Ireland. He looks exactly like a big brown cuddly Teddy Bear. But inside his tummy is an amazing little computer that was invented by absent-minded professor Seyah-Yoccm.

This incredible computer allows Teddy C to do absolutely everything. He can walk. He can talk and he's very, very clever.
Traditional stories including a selection of some of the best loved Fairy Stories and Bedtime stories of all time.

Specially rewritten by international award winning writer, Robert Hayes-McCoy, these stories are guaranteed to bring pleasure and smiles and many happy memories too.